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The low reproductive capacity of the giant panda makes it more vulnerable to these threats less capable of rebounding from its low numbers. Most panda’ s live in China; China is known as a developed Country. There are barley any trees the air is very contaminated. The Giant Panda Conservation Project Although pandas are highly regarded have a relatively low number of natural predators they are an endangered species.

In China the giant panda is protected at local, provincial national levels by China Wildlife Protection Law. Free Essays \ Giant Panda.

THE GIANT PANDA Giant pandas are very rare. Giant Pandas essays Giant pandas are very rare. Most people have never seen one even in a zoo. Giant pandas are listed under the IUCN’ s Red List of Threatened Animals as “ Endangered” ( Mace 1993).

This is the second highest category on species threat scale. Unfortunately these unique black and white creatures are one of.

Humans have severely threatened the panda' s existence also so that now there are fewer than 1, 600 of them left in the wild. The Giant Panda Essay - The giant panda is a very iconic and well known symbol in many countries today. The Chinese government has imposed life sentences for those convicted of poaching giant pandas. The Giant Panda Conservation Project Essay.

There may be only around 1, 000 giant pandas left in the world.

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The Giant Panda essays In the Earth¡ ¯ s ecosystem, many species of animals live with mutual cooperation and influence on each other. For example, mankind benefits as much 2.

9 trillion dollars from biological diversity.
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Despite this benefit, however, because of the paucity of awareness of envi. The Giant Panda Paradigm Essay 1363 Words | 6 Pages.

The Giant Panda Paradigm The Giant Panda is a creature of mystery. Adults and children alike appreciate it for its cute, fuzzy, lovable qualities, but it is an animal that is in desperate need of immediate attention.

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The giant panda is a type of bear. Its closest bear relative is the Spectacled Bear from South America.
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There is another type of creature that shares the giant panda’ s habitat and has many similar traits called the red panda but they are not related. Both have a similar diet, eating mostly bamboo.  Giant Panda ( Ailuropoda Melanoleuca) Description: Giant panda is the common name for Ailuropoda melanoleuca, which is found in southwest China to the east of the Tibetan plateau. This peaceful creature with a distinctive black and white coat is adored by the world and considered a national treasure in China.